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Recent Projects

MAC Steel Siding "Wood-look" Collection


The look and beauty of wood for decades and without maintenance!

The elegance is achieved by 6 different plank shades. All interlocked into a unique pattern every time.

This new home looks as natural as it could be while taking full advantage of the durability of steel.

This project was a great success!





Majestic Fireplace with Reading Area


The client had a dream of creating a relaxing reading/resting area next to a fireplace.

 We’ve come with a grand-wall concept that incorporated cozy seating along the entire length in addition to multiple shelving for books, plants and decor.

 We used live-edge solid cedar for seating, added solid cedar shelving, all trimmed with faux stone featuring Eldorado Stone in Casa Blanca with white grout.

 The final project is a show-stopper!




New Construction Veneer Brick


The goal was to match the siding color for a universal look.

We used thin brick veneer called “Chalk Dust Tundra”.

We worked closely with the client, who also wished to match the grout as close as possible. Not a problem!

We narrowed it down to “Arctic White” and it worked wonderfully!



Siding and Chimney Upgrade


We removed the old stone and replaced it with new real stone called “Mount Baker”, which instantly created a sharp and elegant look.

We also repaired the leaking chimney and added Hardie siding with new metal cap.

We enjoyed working with the owners & helping them achieve their goals!


What Our Clients are Saying

I have been using Nash and Rahman for almost 17 years. They have done Masonary work, wood soffits, Hardie siding and all kinds of other exterior finishing. They are very pleasant, honest and reliable and I always recommend and refer them to others. Thanks for all your dedication and help over the years Guy’s.


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